Host Requirements


Super important!

  • You must register for the rights to host a performance of the play EVERY year.

  • There is a $250 licensing fee per year. Performances can happen any time of the year, but you may only perform the play 6 times in one calendar year.

  • We require an active email address for every BOLD organizer.

  • Every production must have at least one performance with an organized BOLD Talkback (Q&A session). We encourage you to do it for every performance. This play leaves people eager to talk about local childbirth issues.




  • Organizers & all supporting teams should NOT be paid. (Union technical staff contracted by venue are the only exceptions.)

  •  Keep production costs down. No more than 25% of your money raised can go to production costs.



  • You must choose an organization or group working to improve childbirth. Ideally choose a local organization. No for profit companies.

  • Mention your beneficiary in your activities, outreach and publicity.



  • Use ONLY the version of the script for the year of your performance. NO books or previous scripts are authorized.

  • No edits are allowed to any of the word of the play unless they are approved for cultural reasons.

  •  No additions to the script is allowed.

  • You may not reproduce the script for any purpose other than your BOLD production.



  • A minimum of 8 people in any performance. No maximum. Many characters play multiple roles so the play can be done with just 8 people.

  • Strive for diversity.



  •  You must use your the title, Birth, a play by Karen Brody in all your communication materials.

  • You must adhere to the marketing guidelines provided on the BOLD organizer manual.

  • No excerpt performances of the playfor promotional purposes or otherwise unless approved by BOLD.

  •  Your official event name is: BOLD [your location]. All websites, Facebook page and other media created must refer to you by this name.

  • You may film the play and provide a copy (at no charge beyond cost) for the cast and crew.

  • You may not distribute any portion of the play for sale or otherwise beyond 3-5 minute publicity clips. 


Photo: BOLD Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas