One of the best plays I've seen ... the images still remain alive within me.

Allyson McQuinn


From the moment I first laid eyes on this play and then had the pleasure of reading it I've thought of this play as The Vagina Monologues for birth. This makes perfect sense. After all, the vagina is the birth canal...(and) Eve Ensler's Vagina Monologues has helped free vaginas the world over - as well as its owners. Now it's time to do the same for the birth canal - and pregnant women everywhere. And that is the power and glory contained in this magnificent, funny, and wonderfully wise play. And also for BOLD, the organization that is getting the word out about the joys of normal birth....

It was with great pleasure that I first read Birth and then took part in its premiere in New York City on Labor Day 2006 - the birth of the BOLD movement.  I felt hope. I felt heartened.  How thrilling to see so many women and men of all ages ready and willing to trust their bodies and deepen their connection with the wisdom of birth and the birth canal. How thrilling to hear the real sounds of birth uttered so realistically by the actors. How thrilling to be a part of a much needed change of of our current high intervention birth culture and to watch the innate wisdom of the female body in birth so powerfully portrayed on stage.

Kudos to you, Karen Brody, for getting the words and the images just right. And for gifting the world with this moving, life-changing work of art. 



Thanks to Karen and BOLD for continuing to be bold in childbirth. The BOLD movement is so needed and your play portrays the reality of birth today and has had such great impact around the world.



The BOLD movement is all about women supporting each other to achieve their birthing hopes and dreams.



BOLD is an amazing and necessary movement.



Birth is a great play. I took my husband to see it when I was three months pregnant with our first so he could understand why I felt the way about birth and how I wanted to trust my body. It got the conversation stared and put us on similar pages. I think seeing this play with my husband was one of the many steps I took that helped me have the natural vaginal birth I wanted!

Katie Lynch


In my 19 years of seeing theather this play moved my head and my body. Everybody has got to see this!

Uruguayan doctor and theatre critic (yes!)


I laughed, I cried. I really did. An old directing professor of mine said theater was supposed to 'turn on' an audience not entertain, TV is for entertaining an audience. This was true theater.

John Christian Saunders


It has been a very long time since I have been affected by a piece of theater like this production reached me. Each and every actor became the role they played, and the real stories of birth were made even more real by their immersion. I was truly, deeply moved. Thank you so much to all the actors for giving all you are giving. And for those of you who are wondering if you should attend? MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Mara Eve Robbins


This play is is so true, it reminds me of when people tell a rape victim that they are “lucky” to be alive. That is completely ignorant because emotional well being is just as important as physical! thank you for spreading the message.

Genie Smith


It was so good! :) Thank you! Seeing the love of women and motherhood has calmed my nervousness down a bit about giving birth! only 2 months left!

Theatre goer, BOLD Syracuse


I was so blessed to be there last night. You are truly inspirational women! Thank you for reminding me of the gift of giving birth and the value of each of our individual experiences and birth journeys.

Theatre goer, BOLD Syracuse


What an amazing performance! Thank you for sharing such a powerful message.

Theatre goer, BOLD Syracuse


Agreed with my wife. Really awesome performance. Heart melting, really!

Theatre goer, BOLD Syracuse


So proud of my beautiful, powerful wife Aimee Brill and all the beautiful, powerful women who were part of BIRTH last night. I actually went insane by the end of the show and thought we should have another baby! (Aimee told me it ain't gonna happen....) What a night of love and community y'all shared with us! Thank you!!!

Kevin Bott


That powerful performance brought up so many feelings I didn't even know I had! I'm still reeling from it, but also feeling relieved to know that my feelings are valid! Thank you so much for bring this to us!

Theatre goer, BOLD Syracuse


I really enjoyed it! All were great stories and I really felt like I learned a lot. I have a whole new outlook on pregnancy and the birth process, and a greater respect for women who have given birth. Keep up the good work!

 Brian - 18 years old


My husband and I just came back from seeing Birth. It was really great! And what struck me what that if you've had a baby, you will enjoy it and even if you didn't.  My husband was even tearing up at a few points.  

Jackie Lim


In the two productions of Birth that I have seen, the audience was on the edge of their seats laughing out loud in some parts and crying in others. In other words, they were thoroughly entertained. 



I had the distininct honor of witnessing this performance and therefore being mesmerized by the conviction and soul of the production! The acting was nothing short of brilliant! The cast was emotionally engaged in their perspective roles, and the over-all delivery was spine chilling and thought provoking. I thought the professionalism of the production was surpassed only by the overwhelming radiance of a well-written play that infused a very “grass roots” identity and overtone. The Show was a complete success and the BOLD Talkback, at the very end, was a distinct pleasure; Informative and serious fun.

Alberto Rojas Jr., Executive Director of 9th Island Multi-Media and Board Director of Akaku Maui Community Television