BOLD Red Tent Host Requirements


  • Your BOLD Red Tent must focus on mothers telling birth stories.
  • Inside the BOLD Red Tent the policy is to let every woman tell her story without back-talk which means no comments, positive or negative during or after a woman tells her birth story.
  • Locations can charge money or not, but if money is exchanged a minimum of 75% must go to a group or organization improving birth.
  • Your BOLD Red Tent must be decorated in red colors.
  • The space you choose must be private.
  • It's your choice whether to have children present or not.
  • You can film your BOLD Red Tent, but if you do get permission from all women before videotaping and send us the video.
  • All promotional material must have our BeBOLD logo on it.
  • You do not have to produce the play Birth to organize a BOLD Red Tent although if you are are producing the play we encourage you to consider holding a BOLD Red Tent within a week or two after the play.