2016 Season (our 10th anniversary!)


London, Ontario, Canada

Oct 19th to Oct 29th

Palace Theatre


Austin, Texas

Oct 2016 and Winter 2017


Okalahoma City, Oklahoma

September 17th (2 performances)

District House 1755 NW 16th St. Oklahoma City, OK 73106


Corvallis, Oregon

July 2016, Majestic Communty Theatre


Paris, France

May 13th

June 8-9th

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Dison & Liege, Belgium

22, 23, 29 and 30th April 2016 in Dison. One date to be announced in Liege

Salle le Tremplin, 30, rue du Moulin 4820 Dison

Salle du Barbou Quai du Barbou 8 4020 Liege


Drôme, France

le 12 mars 2016 au serre 26310 Barnave

le 9 Avril Villeneuve 38000 Grenoble

Le 1 Mai au Cabaret des Ramiers 26420 Eurre

Le 28 et 29 Mai à L'ESCDD 26150 Die

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Salinas, California

March 12-13, The Western Stage Theatre Company


Photo: BOLD Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas